I Can't Select Responses for the TalentFit Activity

Modified on Wed, 11 Jan, 2023 at 9:35 AM

Please note that this article refers to the specific TalentFit test. If you are not taking this particular activity, this guide won't apply to you.

If you are having difficulty responding to the statement in the TalentFit, please make sure you have read the instructions carefully.

Since the aim of the activity is to rank the statements, you will need to use the full range for each set of statements. This means that no two statements can be given the same rating at each page.

You can view the full set of instructions below:

This questionnaire asks you to rate how important certain work elements are to you.

The questionnaire consists of 166 statements which you are required to rate on a 5-point rating scale, from 'Least Important' to 'Extremely Important'. Statements are presented in blocks of five. When responding, please be as discerning as possible, using the full range of ratings. 

You are not able to give the same rating to two or more statements presented together.

Please read each statement carefully and respond honestly.

This exercise is not timed. Please complete it in one sitting.