Guardian Browser

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 11:09 AM

What is the Guardian Browser? 

The Guardian browser is a simple internet browser, like Chrome or Firefox. It is used for conducting proctored online assessments. 

The Guardian browser automatically clears its history when it is closed. This means any passwords or other information you enter in this browser will be deleted when you close the window. Don’t worry, once you’ve successfully completed your assessment session, your assessment responses will be transmitted to Testgrid for processing.   


How to download the Guardian Browser 

Download the Guardian browser from this link


How to uninstall the Guardian Browser (Windows) 

Search on your computer for “Add or Remove Programs.” 



Scroll down to find “Guardian” in the list of programs, select “Guardian,” and click “Uninstall.” 


Click Uninstall again.  


Click OK on the next pop-up 

How to uninstall the Guardian Browser (MAC) 

Inside the Applications folder, find Guardian Browser. 


Either 1) right-click Guardian Browser > Move to Trash, or 2) click and drag the Guardian Browser icon to Trash in the dock. *You may need administrator privileges to move Guardian Browser to Trash.* 


Empty Trash to fully remove Guardian Browser.