VAXSAFE - Upload your Vaccine Certificate

Modified on Wed, 20 Sep 2023 at 11:08 AM




Your recruiters may request that you upload a proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate to the Testgrid platform. Please watch the video above, or follow the instructions below to upload your certificate.


If you don't have a copy of your certificate, you can download that from the myGov Medicare website. Further details are available on the Department of Health website.


For more details about the VAXSAFE service and your privacy, you can check out our VAXSAFE FAQ page.


Step 1Follow the link in your email invitation to create your account, and log in.

Full instructions are available on our help centre article.
Step 2From the home page of your account, locate the Task List and click Start.mceclip0.png
Step 3
Read through the information, and enter your Full Name. You can then check the box to confirm your consent, and click Submit to continue.
Step 4

Select the type of COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate that you are going to upload.


We accept:
Full Vaccination Certificate (available through Medicare)
Apple Wallet Digital Certificate
Google Pay Digital Certificate
International Vaccination Certificate

Step 5

Select the Choose File button:

Step 6

Locate your Vaccination Certificate file on your device:

Step 7

Select the Upload button to upload your file.

Step 8

Click the Use Certificate button to submit your document.


IMPORTANT: You must complete this step to finish the task. If you do not click, Use Certificate your task will not submit, and you will continue to receive reminder emails until you return and click the option.


If you continue to have issues with uploading your document onto our system,

Please email us at with your issue + a screenshot of the page you are stuck on.